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Instantly connect your clients and freelancers over group chat

90% of consumers want to communicate with businesses via messaging.

Source: Twilio Global Messaging Consumer Report 2016

Better communication. More successful projects.

Pier helps projects on your platform run better and creates a great experience for your clients and freelancers.


Incredibly simple integration

Create a private group chat for each project with just an API call.

curl https://api.pierhq.com/v1/projects \
 -u pier_test_token: \
 -d name="E Corp Analytics" \
 -d member_emails[]="[email protected]" \
 -d member_emails[]="[email protected]" \
 -d member_emails[]="[email protected]"

Join the conversation

Pier lets you observe conversations with your clients, helping you ensure a high quality of interaction on every project.

Powerful file sharing

Share any file - whether it’s an image or a PDF. Pier keeps them all in one place for each project.

Search through history

Recall stuff in a snap. Pier archives all conversations and makes them searchable

Safe and confidential

Pier uses SSL with strong 2048 bit keys along with other best practices to protect all messages.

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